Google Classroom
  • We are a Google G-Suite School and have been for a long time. That's those accounts we have. Many of you are availing yoursel of the power of G-Suite. Some of you never have. Remember that every students gets a account as well. Ralph Louis will be distributing those as part of the iPad rollout but the 7th and 8th graders should know theirs. The 6th Grade Computer Talent classes will have theirs by the first few days of school. Lots of great features from nearly unlimited online storage, to collaborative document creation to simplified log in procedures. One of the best uses is the creation of an online classroom for dissemination of assignment instructions, collection, grading, online quizzes, student comments, etc. in the form of Google Classroom. At a dozen of your colleagues base much of their course around it annually. And while you can do some of these things with Skedula and in fact Skedula has the advantage of being the repository of their actual marks and attendance, Google Classroom is easier for the average teacher and should be considered.