• Skedula is where Mark Twain faculty maintains online grades and gets access to student biographical and testing information. We also encourage teachers to create annecdotals on the site for distribution to the interested parties on student behavior and academic progress. The parents access the content via PupilPath.com or the PupilPath app. We use Skedula.com or the Skedula app.

    More advanced teacher users will put much of their actual curriculum into the system including PDF's of handouts, web site links, instructions, and if you wish, make connections to your Google @twain239.org G-Suite account which allows students and teachers to link their Google Drives, documents, etc.

    If you have questions about the grading portion of the site, direct those to Mrs. Lucia Sutera in 247 or via her email at lsutera@twain239.org. For technical issues about the site, seek out Mr. Paul Rubin in 251 or via his email at prubin3@twain239.org or Mr. Ralph Louis at his email rlouis@schools.nyc,.gov. Mr. Rubin is also your best bet for things like putting your assignments into the system and collecting student work though he prefers to use Google Classroom for such things.