Ask Me Directly

  • If you have any issues relating to the web site and your closest, more experienced colleagues, can't help you, feel free to ask me directly. Many of you know how to reach me via or via FaceBook message. Or stop by my room.

    Typical questions range from addressing password and access issues, requesting changes in sections of the site you don't have access to, or strange technical glitches. But sometimes a little one-on-one training is necessary, at least to get started.

    At this point in time, since your grades are generally speaking, in Skedula and most teachers who post assignments online are using Skedula or Google Classroom, and Nearpod is increasingly a large part of our toolbox, the web site is really for more generalized communications with the various Mark Twain communities that wouldn't be appropriate to place behind a password protected account. These communities include potential applicants and their familities, parents, colleagues, administrators, students hoping to see samples of their best work in the form of an electronic bulletin board. The blog/discussion/wiki feature is also another feature that's simple enough for most teachers to manage before graduating to things like Google Sites or WordPress and the like.

    There's also online training built into the system and a web site filled with help materials.