• There are roughly 16,000 Mark Twain Intermediate School 239 alumni in all 50 states and other countries. As scientists, computer programmers, scholars, educators, artists, health providers, lawyers, philanthropists, entrepreneur, athletes, writers, politicians, musicians, military officers, uniformed civil servants, officers, financial industry analysts and just about every career and profession under the sun, they're meeting the demands of global  citizenship developed in Mark Twain's classrooms.

    As a member of our diverse alumni family, you retain a sense of community that endures long after you leave, and you share the remarkable legacy of being an alumni of one of NYC's premier middle schools for roughly 40 consecutive years.  We hope to make these alumni web pages your resource. Questions?  Ideas? We would love to hear from you!

    Karen Ditolla, Principal, kditol@schools.nyc.gov
    Laurie Gevertzman, Alumni Coordinator, lgevertzman@twain239.org