• Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does my child need an Apple ID?
    Every iPad will need to be signed into the App store on their device to receive Apps.

    Can I use my Apple ID on my child’s iPad?
    No, Mark Twain will deliver the free and Paid apps to the device using the Apple ID created in this process. The device will no longer receive apps and configuration settings from Mark Twain. Teachers are instructed to confiscate iPads that seem to have non-approved Apps on them.

    Will I need a credit card attached to this Apple ID?
    No, Creating Apple ID’s using this method will allow us to bypass credit card information.
    Is it acceptable for students to download other free apps with this iPad?
    Absolutely not. In fact the App store along with some other iPad apps will be disabled much of the time to minimize the temptation. The iPads are to enhance classroom instruction, not create yet another distraction. The apps we enable are the ones we all expect to see and if other apps are installed, the iPad will be confiscated, permanently for repeat infractions. That will put your child at a disadvantage in classes where the iPad is sometimes integral to the instruction.
    Will all the iPads have the same apps?
    As the year progresses, certain groups of students will get access to specific apps requested by a specific teacher, or group of teachers. Some will be free. Some will be paid using Mark Twain's Volume Purchase Program (half price apps for schools HOWEVER, the school has to pay individually for each installation which isn't the way typical consumers do it). Your children aren't paying for apps and do not own them so we can re-install them next year to different kids. So the Computer Math Talent students will get access to a programming related app. Art Talent might get a drawing program. Media Talent might get a video related program. A specific cluster teacher might want an entire cluster to get an app. Note that none of these apps are likely to be very expensive but unless we push the app to you via this Apple ID, you are not to have access to it on the school iPad. Feel free to buy such apps on your personal Apple and Android tablets but that has nothing to do with use of them in school on school equipment. They're often quite good. But we control what each iPad can and cannot receive and when that process breaks down, it's quite problematic and could cripple our attempts to use and expand this program.