• NOTE: Entire Section is Under Construction
    This section's purpose is to facilitate the distribution of information to our 400 seniors who will participate in our 1:1 Apple iPad initiative. They'll be receiving their devices in about a week and they'll be expected to bring them to school regularly during the school day. In early June, we'll begin collecting them for the following group of students.
    Just a few of our anticipated uses include:
    • Classroom note taking
    • Use of web sites during class lessons
    • Use of Pearson SuccessNet apps
    • Use of other educational apps to be distributed remotely
    • Use of @twain239.org Google Apps for Education accounts
    • Nearpod which combines elements of slide shows and interactive assessments controlled by students
    • Study Island
    • Scan documents for mark up
    • Access to certain books
    • Access to specific creative apps appropriate to certain talents
    • Email
    • Collaborative projects using Google Docs