Cluster 8H

  • September 2018

    Dear 8__Parents and Guardians:

    The 8__ Cluster teachers want to take the opportunity to welcome you and your child back for their final year at Mark Twain.  Eighth grade is a crucial time for your child full of many academic demands, the most central of which is preparation for high school.  As a cluster, it is our goal to ensure the academic success and personal growth of each child throughout the course of the school year, thus making the transition to high school effortless.  Our plan includes developing a close working relationship with each child, fostering an appreciation for education, infusing technology into the curriculum, and assessing their academic and personal needs to ensure a productive school year.  We will approach these goals in a holistic manner, assessing all aspects of your child’s learning. Below you will find several key components to make certain that our school year is fruitful and enjoyable.  We ask that you review each item with your child.

    1. A strong attendance record is vital to a successful school year. An absence note must accompany a returning student. The absent note must be given to your child’s homeroom teacher.

    2. It is expected that students will conduct themselves with proper decorum and respect as well as maintain a proper attitude towards his/her studies, classmates, teachers, and administrators.

    3. Students must come to class on time and be fully prepared to work. This includes, but is not limited to the following: completed homework assignments, binders (or notebooks as per the requirements of the specific subject teacher), writing utensils, a fully charged iPad and other required supplies. Repeated infractions may result in a lowered course grade.

    4. Completing homework assignments in a timely fashion is integral to academic success. Turning in assignments late may result in a lowered course grade.  In the event of an absence or lateness, it is the responsibility of the student, not the teacher, to submit the late assignment.  All homework is to be completed neatly and promptly containing the official Mark Twain heading.  Lastly, copying homework is considered scholastic dishonesty, an infraction of the Department of Education’s discipline code.  It will not be tolerated! All involved will not receive credit for the work.  Multiple offenses may result in suspension from class.

    5. Each subject teacher, including the Foreign Language Department, offers tutoring during your child’s lunch period. We encourage students to join us at that time on the specified day if they are in need of additional assistance. In order to maximize our time together, we ask that your child bring a bagged lunch.

    8__ Tutoring Schedule



    Day of Week


    Ms. Robles



    Ms. Cajuste



    Ms. Villacres


    Social Studies

    Ms. Froman


    6. General cluster announcements will be posted on the school’s Web site: under ROBLES. Please refer to the calendar for frequent updates regarding the high school admissions process.

    7. Final grades given in the eighth grade will often be used by high schools when determining your child’s placement for the upcoming school year. Therefore, it is integral that your child work to the best of his/her ability all year long.

    8. If your child is registered for Algebra I Common Core or Living Environment Regents Course, upon successful completion of the course and passing the culminating Regents examination, your child will receive high school credit. If accelerated credit is given, the grade for the course will appear on the high school transcript.

    9. All grades in all courses are cumulative. Cumulative is defined as all graded assignments as a continuous reflection of student work throughout the year. Each report card grade is a snapshot of student performance at that point in the school year.

    10. We encourage you to register at for you child’s most up-to-date grade and completion of assignments if you have not done so already. Information on how to register was sent home with your child. If you did not receive this information, please contact Ms. Robles.


    Each teacher has issued a Student/Teacher contract that relates the specifics of their grading criteria and expectations of the school year.  It is strongly encouraged that each of those contracts be read in their entirety.  If questions remain, please do not hesitate to contact the individual subject teacher.

    If at any point during the school year you would like to meet with the cluster, our schedule is below.  Email is the best way to schedule a conference. However, you can also contact the school and leave a message for Ms. Robles.

    We look forward to working with you and your child this school year.  It is our hope that our time together will be rewarding, productive, and enriching.  Communication between parents and students is an integral part of school success.  Kindly indicate your preferred method of communication found at the end of this letter.  Please feel free to contact us if any questions or problems arise throughout the school year.  You can contact the Cluster Coordinator, Ms. Robles, via email at  or (718) 266-0814.

    Warmest regards,

    Cecilia Robles and the 8__ Cluster


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