Mr. Paul Rubin, Room 251

  • Currently beginning my 37th year at Mark Twain, making me, for better or worse, Mark Twain's most veteran staff member.

    After the first few years of my career, splitting time between Regents Algebra and Geometry courses back when Twain was a 7-8-9 Junior High School and all three grades of Computer Math Talent, I've exclusively been a Talent teacher, and for over 14 years, exclusively teaching grade six. For the last six years, we've been participating in the NYCDOE Software Engineering Program, SEP, as NYC attempts to develop a curriculum for all grades, K-12, in the fields of Computer Science and related applications. So far, that training is approaching the 700 hours mark and the program has expanded beyond the original 20 middle and high schools. The three of us will continue to follow much of the SEP curriculum and bring in other topics as well and we'll be altering the content sequence a bit to teach to our strengths and adapt to our special population.

    Yes, I am married to Mrs. Stacey Rubin, currently serving as one of Twain's 3 seventh grade English Language Arts teachers. Together we have four children. The oldest two seem to be sort of following in daddy's footsteps in a roundabout way. The oldest is a social studies teacher and the second oldest is a software developer.

    My personal interests besides the obvious computer and mobile devices ones include being an avid NY Mets fan (yes even this year), fantasy sports, digital photography, social media, all sorts of science fiction including movies, books (paper and electronic, audio), television, gardening. And sometimes, when the situation allows, I enjoy projects involving loud power tools :-) I'm also in the final stages of buying an RV so my wife and I can travel the country more extensively during vacations and eventually retirement (check out the gray hair).

Mr. Paul Rubin

Phone: 718-266-0814


Degrees and Certifications:

• Beginning 37th Year as a Mark Twain Computer Teacher • Over 6 Years of intensive professional development by the NYCDOE Software Engineering Program & NYCDOE Stem Institute • MA, 1985, Secondary School Math Education, New York University • BS, 1982, Secondary School Math Education, New York University • 3 Semesters, 1978-1980, Electrical Engineering, Cooper Union • 1978, John Dewey High School (Bklyn) • 1975, Joseph Cavallaro JHS 281 (Bklyn) • 1973, P.S. 200 (Bklyn)

Mr. Paul Rubin

Class Announcements

  • Supplies for all 3 Years

    inexpensive earbuds or headphones with a 3.5mm mini-plug. They're the standard type of headphone that is only now going out of style.

    2 small capacity (physically smaller best too) USB flash drives... one to use regularly and one for when you invariably lose yours for physical backups separate from cloud and local storage.

    Keep your Windows PC at home updated against security threats like viruses.

    The usual like pens, pencils, and a small section in your binder or looseleaf or whatever you use for your other classes.


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  • Talent Dues

    Mark Twain’s talent classes collect talent dues to help defray the costs of running the talent that can fall outside the normal NYC school expenses. These dues will remain $30 as they have been for years.

    These dues pay a portion of certain non-warranty repairs, certain online subscriptions, a very small percentage of software, some of the materials necessary to conduct certain lessons later in the year, Hackathon prizes, occasional replacements, etc. and they leave us comfortable placing no real limits on appropriate printing within the labs.

    I'm not sure when the online payment portal will be operational and I'M THE ONE IN CHARGE OF IT FOR THE SCHOOL because it's part of a new web site rollout. Checks to JHS 239 School Fund with student’s full name and home room would be fine and you can start bringing that in as soon as the week after next. Possibly the online payments portal will be operational by then and we'll test it on my classes. A distant third choice would be $30 in an envelope with name, homeroom, the amount and the phrase computer talent dues on the outside.

    In the event of financial difficulty at home, please send your child in with a note later in September explaining the problem in a sentence or two and I’ll make the necessary arrangements to excuse your child, accept a lesser amount, or give you more time. Whatever you do, don’t ignore this. Email me if you have questions.


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  • Distribution of Accounts

    Probably when we do assigned seats in next few days.


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