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    Name: Peter DeCaro
    Phone number: 718-266-0814

    Welcome to the talent where creativity has no bounds!

    Our Goals:
    • To foster students' initiative and cooperation with others via frequently participating in individual and group activities (i.e. charades, pantomimes, improvisations, scene work, script writing, discussions, and performances)
    • To express ideas, and venture creativity orally and in writing
    • To help develop character, setting, and dramatic action
    • To establish professionalism in the the theatre
    • To work independently and collaboratively, and to assume theatrical responsibilty
    • To perform theatre-related tasks (i.e. handling props, set design and construction, application of makeup, and costume design)
    • To compare and contrast human experiences to theatre
    • To improve observational skills and self-confidence via journal entries, reports, and presentations
    • To improve body coordination and flexibility through relaxation exercises and choreographed dancing
    • To stimulate responses, constructive criticism, and self/peer critiquing