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    Name: Mrs. Michele Wallach
    Phone number: 718 266-0814
       Welcome to creative writing talent! I have been teaching at Mark Twain since 2001. I currently teach 6th and 8th grade talent classes.
       Sixth graders are introduced to a variety of genres. They study each genre by reading and analyzing successful examples and then writing their own works and sharing them with their peers. Sixth graders typically study poetry, mythology, mystery, play writing and fantasy. 

         Eighth graders use their expertise to write the entire award-winning school yearbook, Reflections. In addition to producing the yearbook, the seniors of the creative writing program also study and write young adult fiction, children's literature, memoirs and historical fiction.

         The writers in all grades use journals as a method of collecting ideas and exploring new avenues of creativity. They also subscribe to literary magazines, where they have had great success in getting work published. They enter various poetry and essay contests throughout the school year, on both local and national levels. Author visits and class trips to view performances of pieces that are read in class are enriching experiences that students remember fondly for years to come.

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    Email Address: MicheleWallach@aol.com 
    Journal  Assignments:




    Monday-Moody Monday
    Tuesday- Times Tuesday
    Wednesday-What-You-Wish Wednesday
    Thursday- This or That Thursday
    Friday- Fiction Friday
     6L Bring Grammar Girl book every Thursday.